Mental Health Solutions

Mental Health solutions from DignitE focus on a core set of functions:
1. communication
2. supporting a positive frame of mind
3. data reporting to carers and health care professionals
Let’s take a look at each of these functions.


DignitE’s mental health offering is designed to keep carers informed when they can’t be with the ones they care for. The person wearing the DignitE watch (the wearer) can request Help from their carers at the touch of a button.  When a help request is triggered, the system sends through an SMS and email notification to carers, inclusive of GPS coordinates.

The DignitE watch also acts as a mobile phone, providing a means for carers to contact the wearer of the watch.  DignitE’s solution removes the ability for unwanted calls with only registered carers able to phone the wearer.

Supporting a Positive Frame of Mind

DignitE supports a positive frame of mind through the use of reminders. Carers can program reminders to appear on the watch. Those reminders can be in the form of a request to take medication, advising of activities to be performed such as attending a team sport, or to provide positive information like messages from loved ones or positive affirmations.

Reminders are set using terminology particular to your circumstances.  For example, if you talk about medication with visual references you could program the reminder as “Take 2 orange pills” or to remind the wearer of their favourite quote.  The system is flexible enough to be programmed to suit the way you care for the wearer.

When DignitE is used for medication reminders, it can also track adherence to medication schedules, track medication balances and provide reorder reminders to carers.

Data Reporting

The data captured by DignitE can be made available to carers, and medical and allied health practitioners for use in objectively assessing a person’s progress, identifying areas for improvement or identifying successes, building strategies to improve quality of life or even in providing data for use in sourcing funding for additional care.



 Your DignitE Lifestyle

DignitE is designed to be an integral and unobtrusive part of the care recipient's lifestyle.  The DignitE service is centred around a watch (who we call PAT).  PAT has a modern, mainstream design and is available in a range of colours.


DignitE is designed for you

PAT is compact and comfortable to wear and is designed for people with visual, hearing and dexterity issues.

Check out the video to the right which shows how easy PAT is to charge for people with decreased dexterity.


Customise, don't compromise

One size does not fit all.  So why accept a solution that doesn't take into account your circumstances and the way you want to live your life.

DignitE's services are customisable - make changes to existing services, add services as you need them and cancel services you no longer need.

We do not have contracts and offer you simple monthly billing and payment solutions.

In addition, as new and improved DignitE solutions are offered, you can add them to your service.