Safety Solutions


Everyone deserves the right to feel safe, whether you are at home or out and about.  DignitE supports this right and provides a practical solution that is there if you need it.
DignitE gets in touch with family and friends when you need help and provides a deterrent when you feel unsafe.
When you are alone and afraid, you can count on DignitE.


How DignitE Safety works

DignitE safety is there to give you the confidence to go about your day, or night, knowing that you can be in contact if something goes wrong.

DignitE works by providing a discreet Help function built in to a modern and attractive smart watch (we call the watch PAT).

If you feel unsafe, you can press the Help button.  DignitE will then do the following:

1. send an email and SMS to each of three contacts that you program into the service.

2. provide your contacts with your GPS coordinates in that email or SMS.  Your contacts can then click on the link to the map reference to see your location.  If you move location, DignitE will sense this and send the new GPS coordinates to your contacts.  It will continue to do so until you stop the Help function.

3. PAT will provide an audible alert that to notify anyone around you that help is on it's way.

PAT also functions as a mobile phone, providing a means for your contacts to phone you should you need assistance.  Oh and don't worry about needless unwanted calls, DignitE is designed to only let your registered contacts call you using PAT

Unlike a mobile phone which can be dropped or forgotten, PAT is always on your wrist and ready to assist.




Your DignitE Lifestyle

DignitE is designed to be an integral and unobtrusive part of your lifestyle.  The DignitE safety service is centred around a watch (who we call PAT).  PAT has a modern, mainstream design and is available in a range of colours.

 DignitE is designed for you

PAT is compact and comfortable to wear and is designed for people with visual, hearing and dexterity issues.

Check out the video to the right which shows how easy PAT is to charge for people with decreased dexterity.


Customise, don't compromise

One size does not fit all.  So why accept a solution that doesn't take into account your circumstances and the way you want to live your life.

DignitE's services are customisable - make changes to existing services, add services as you need them and cancel services you no longer need.  We can tailor a solution to fit your individual needs.

We do not have contracts and offer you simple monthly billing and payment solutions.

In addition, as new and improved DignitE solutions are offered, you can add them to your service.