DignitE is different. Read on to see why and how DignitE can work for you....

DignitE is not just a single purpose tool like a monitoring device or a tablet dispenser.  DignitE incorporates many of these tools as well as providing a broad range of information to the necessary members of the team, all while using just one multi-disciplinary device.

So who is the team?

Caring for a person is a team effort. Let's use a sporting analogy to explain.

Imagine a tennis player. That is our person in care. They are out there doing their very best to attain their goals. What they need is instruction on how to play the game as best as possible, because ultimately it is the player on the court playing independently.

You then have the carers. They are the coaches. Their job is to make sure the player knows what to do to achieve their goals, monitor their progress, and making changes to their game based on that progression.

Then you have health professionals. They are the trainers, physios, psychologists etc. Their job is to view the information on the player’s health and make changes to their physical and mental approach based on this information.

So what is DignitE’s role in this process?

DignitE is the tool that informs all parties, allowing them to function independently, but also as a team:

  • It provides the coach's instructions to the player through various reminders
  • It keeps the coach informed of the player's progress through monitoring and communication
  • It stores data regarding the player's health and wellbeing for review by health professionals and the coach.  This data is captured objectively from the watch, plus diary entries provided by the carers.

Check out the video below which provides an example of the process used by the DignitE service in providing the Help function.

DignitE is a combination of technologies put together to support the lives of carers and the people they look after and support.  The use of these technologies helps people of age, disability and those with mental health concerns, and their carers, to live more fulfilling, independent lives.

The DignitE technology that assists, guides and monitors people living independently is in the form of a smart watch we affectionately call PAT, which standards for Personalised Assistive Technology.




Let me introduce you to PAT

PAT is a core component within the DignitE service providing the link between the DignitE service and your loved one.

Put simply, PAT is a smartwatch, but not just any smartwatch:

  • designed to be simple for people to use
  • has a fashionable mainstream style
  • lightweight and compact
  • comfortable to wear

PAT has been designed with the features and smarts to interact with your loved one on a simplified basis. PAT:

  • provides the day, date and time like any other watch
  • provides notifications via the watch screen
  • utilises a touch screen button where the wearer can call for assistance if they need it (see video to the left of screen)
  • uses multiple methods to communicate with the wearer including sounds, voice and tactile functions, making it great for people with visual or auditory difficulties.
  • senses the situation and reacts accordingly, giving the wearer and carers appropriate information as required

When PAT arrives at your door, simply put PAT on the wearer’s wrist and you are ready to go.

PAT comes pre-configured based on a few simple questions we ask during the sign up process and that is it – we take care of the rest for you.

Through PAT, the DignitE service:

  • Supports the wearer's activities of daily living, providing guidance to the wearer when necessary
  • Provides a means for the wearer to request help from their carers and loved ones, and for only registered carers to contact the wearer via PAT
  • Passively observes the wearer and notifies carers and loved ones via SMS and email if there is a perceived danger or health issue.  The carers are notified of the type of issue and the wearer's GPS coordinates.  Additional messages are sent as the GPS coordinates change.
  • Discretely captures information that can be used to improve medical outcomes

Carers can interact with PAT via our web portal and, coming soon, our mobile app.  In this way the carer is still involved in guiding the activities of the people they care for and being kept in the loop of issues that may arise, but not in a way that compromises the independence of either party.

DignitE is a personalised approach to disability and aged care.

To allow for personalisation, DignitE is comprised of modules.

At the heart of the DignitE service is the Help module.  The Help module provides a core level of functionality that underpins PAT's function.

On top of the Help module, carers can choose the modules that best fit their situation.  The modules are designed to work together in any combination chosen.

Our modules are always evolving.  For a full list and explanation of the currently available modules, please view our Modules page.


DignitE is a subscription service.

DignitE is a subscription service, the value of which is dependent on the modules you choose.

Your initial subscription charge will include a one off amount for the purchase of PAT, as well as your module subscriptions in advance.

From then on, you will only be charged for the modules you use on a monthly basis.

At DignitE we don't believe in signing people up to contracts so you are free to change your subscriptions as you need.

For more information about modules, please check out our Modules page.

DignitE box contents.

When you receive your package from DignitE, it will be charged, configured and ready to go.

The DignitE box contains the following:

  1. PAT smart watch
  2. Charging Base
  3. USB charging cable
  4. USB wall charger
  5. Quick start instructions

Check out the video to the right that outlines the box contents and how to charge your DignitE device