Living Independently with DignitE

Independence is something many of us take for granted, but for people who are ageing or have a disability, leading a full, independent life can be a challenge.

And what about their carers? Due to the deep concern they have for the well being of their loved ones, carers also have a diminished level of independence.

DignitE is designed to improve the independence of people of age or who have disabilities, as well as improve the independence of their carers.

Supporting independence for people of age or disability

DignitE supports people of age or disability by providing:
  1. Personalised assistance for activities of daily living
  2. Confidence that one or more carers can be contacted when required
  3. Confidence that they can live as independently as possible


Supporting independence of carers

DignitE supports carers by providing:
  1. Information about the progress of your loved one without being intrusive
  2. The ability for you to be contacted by your loved one is they need assistance
  3. The ability for you to be contacted automatically if DignitE senses that your loved one needs assistance
  4. The ability for you, as a registered carer on the DignitE service, to contact your loved one if required

DignitE is a personalised approach to disability and aged care.

To allow for personalisation, DignitE is comprised of modules.

At the heart of the DignitE service is the base module.  The base module provides a core level of functionality and includes the mobile phone service that underpins PAT's function.

On top of the base module, carers can choose the modules that best fit their situation.  The modules are designed to work together in any combination chosen.

Our modules are always evolving.  For a full list and explanation of the currently available modules, please view our Modules page.

DignitE is a subscription service.

DignitE is a subscription service, the value of which is dependent on the modules you choose.

Your initial subscription charge will include a one off amount for the purchase of PAT, as well as your module subscriptions in advance.

From then on, you will only be charged for the modules you use on a monthly basis.

At DignitE we don't believe in signing people up to contracts so you are free to change your subscriptions as you need.

For more information about modules and pricing, please check out our Modules page.

DignitE box contents.

When you receive your package from DignitE, it will be charged, configured and ready to go.

The DignitE box contains the following:
  1. PAT smart watch
  2. Charging Base
  3. USB charging cable
  4. USB wall charger
  5. Quick start instructions