Facility Living with DignitE

DignitE can help Aged Care and Disability facilities to improve their bottom line and improve resident care through additional funding and improved efficiency that results from utilising DignitE.


Improved Funding

DignitE can assist facilities with improved funding by:

  • objectively and silently capturing information about residents for use in assessing additional needs
  • supporting the objective data with observation data captured by facility staff
  • the automatic capture and reporting of information makes resident assessment an easier task to perform and therefore can be performed more frequently
  • the historical information captured by DignitE provides a basis of evidence for patient decline over time

Improved Efficiency

DignitE can also improve the efficiency of care facility operations through the automated monitoring of residents within the facility, and alerting facility staff of issues that require attendance, or alerting residents of impending activities. For example DignitE can advise where a resident is located within the facility if the help button is pressed.

Improved Outcomes

DignitE automatically captures information about a resident as they go about their activities of daily living. This information can then be summarised and reported on through DignitE, to be used to improve medical outcomes and quality of life.

For more information on the benefits of using DignitE in your facility, please contact us by completing the form below or emailing info@dignite.com.au.