The story behind the creation of DignitE

"DignitE was developed out of a need for independence, and a need for both the carer and their loved one to feel confident in their independence"

DignitE has its origins in a simple converation with a friend who is an occupational therapist (OT), and now a trusted advisor to DignitE.

The OT described the lengths that some carers went to in a bid to watch over their loved ones, while at the same time, the loved ones were pushing away, wanting to live independent lives.  The result was friction between the carer and their loved one, and neither the carer nor the loved one living as they wanted to.

So we thought there had to be a better way.  A way where both parties could live more independently by:

1. providing the carer with confidence that they could keep a distance, while staying up to date with their loved one's status, and to be contactable if need be

2. to give the loved one the confidence to think and act for themselves whilst knowing that they can contact their carers if they need help

3. providing the loved one with support in the activities of daily living

From there DignitE was born.